Investment Suitability Profile Cum Asset Allocation Plan

Question 1 OF 9
  1. Which of the following situation best describes your current life stage?
Question 2 OF 9
  1. What is your primary objective or goal for investing?
Question 3 OF 9
  1. What is your investment horizon?
Question 4 OF 9
  1. Following shows the range of the highest and lowest possible one year return from different portfolio. Which of these portfolios would you like to go for?
Question 5 OF 9
  1. If fund outperformes it's benchmark index but still has given negative return in 3 years period. In such situation what describes the best possible reaction of yours?
Question 6 OF 9
  1. If your fund's NAV declines by 30% in one year what would be your reaction?
Question 7 OF 9
  1. How would you react if your debt fund loses 5% of its value over a one year period?
Question 8 OF 9
  1. If your SIP gives negative return in 3 Years, what would your reaction be?
Question 9 OF 9
  1. How familiar are you with the investments and capital markets?